Homework #1

Homework #1 has been posted on the webpage (though you may have picked a copy from yesterday’s lecture): it’s due next Thursday (9/22). Feel free to post clarification questions about the HW as comments on this post.

The exercises — on the webpage now — do not need to be turned in, but do try to solve them, especially the one which asks you to get access to either Mathematica or Maple.

Update: fixed an error in problem #4c, should be O(S+K)m. (thanks, Tim!)


2 Comments to “Homework #1”

  1. For 4a, am I correct to assume the space ‘poly(x,y)’ is equivalent to ‘poly(x) + poly(y)’ (in other words, no terms on both variables)

  2. We actually allow any polynomial in the two (or more) variables.

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